Forventer forskningsstøtte fra biblioteket

I samarbeid med Hilde Drivenes Daland har jeg skrevet om forskningsbibliotekarenes rolle i en digital tid. Forlaget omtaler boka slik:



  • Explores the new roles available for research librarians and how they can be integral parts of research
  • Provides a new roadmap on how to deal with the new work environment that now exists between librarians and researchers
  • Discusses the development and systemizing of research support services and strategies
  • Offers insights into the collaboration between the librarian and PhD-candidates


New Roles for Research Librarians: Meeting the Expectations for Research Support presents strategies librarians can use to adapt to the new conditions and growing expectations that are emerging from students and researchers. Even if they have never completed a PhD, or even been engaged in independent research themselves, this book will provide a new roadmap on how to deal with the new work environment.

The book provides different approaches that include the library in the research process, an area that is often neglected by researchers during their planning and strategic work on research projects. Users will find content that offers tactics on how to create a new dialogue between the librarian and the postgraduate student, along with comprehensive discussions on different starting points, and how communication and collaboration can help reach the best of both worlds.


Research librarians, Library students, PhD supervisors and Postgraduate students


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